Where to stay in Førde


Førde Hostel

Førde hostel is located in the centre of Førde. The town is surrounded by beautiful scenery, and the area has got plenty to offer when it comes to outdoor activities.
Season: May - August

Other hostels in the vicinity:

(hostel) Balestrand

Balestrand Hostel

Balestrand Hostel is located in the centre of Balestrand, by the beautiful Sognefjord.
Season: June - August

(hostel) Sogndal

Sogndal Hostel

Sogndal hostel is located in Sogndal by Norway's longest fjord, Sognefjorden.
Season: June - August

(hostel) Skjolden

Skjolden Hostel

Skjolden hostel is located between Skjolden and Fortun. The hostel is part of a resort with a small restaurant, camping ground with suitable sanitary facilities and a playground for kids.
Season: May - September

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