Where to stay in Bergen

(hostel) Montana

Montana Family & Youth Hostel

Montana family & youth hostel is situated at the foot of Mount Ulriken. There is a beautiful view of the town centre and great hiking opportunities from the hostel.
Season: January - December. Bergen Montana Family & Youth Hostel is High quality certifiedMontana Family & Youth Hostel meets the requirements of The Eco Lighthouse Programme

Other hostels in the vicinity:

(hostel) Voss

Voss Hostel

Voss hostel is situated in the city centre of Voss. From here you have have easy access to all attractions and activities in Voss.
Season: January - September

(hostel) Mjølfjell

Mjølfjell Hostel

Mjølfjell Hostel is beautifully located at 670 meter above sea level with access by train to popular tourist destinations such as Voss, Myrdal and Flåm.
Season: February - April and June - October

(hostel) Flåm

Flåm Hostel

Flåm hostel is located at the end of Norway's longest fjord, the Sognefjord. Flåm is also the end of the famous Flåm railway line.
Season: May - September

(hostel) Hardanger

Hardanger Hostel

Hardanger Hostel is located in Loftus by the Hardangerfjord, with easy access to the Hardanger National Park and two of Norway's largest glaciers.
Season: June - September

(hostel) Borlaug

Borlaug Hostel

Borlaug Hostel located in the centre of Borlaug, not far from one of the best preserved stave churches in Norway, Borgund Stave Church from 1150 AD.
Season: February - October

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