What to do and see in Stavanger

Experience the warm and continental feel of modern day Stavanger. The "oil capital" of Norway offers excellent museums, exceptional scenery, a mild climate and a bustling nightlife. Indulge in fantastic dining and celebrate the joy of summer with some of Norway's most welcoming and outgoing people.

Lysebotn (do and see)


The small township of Lysebotn welcomes 100.000 visitors every year, and is a perfect starting point for treks in the surrounding rugged landscape.

Lysefjorden (do and see)


The Lysefjorden (The Light Fjord) is the southernmost major fjord in Norway and perhaps the most spectacular. Rocky walls up to a 1000 meters (3000 feet) tall crash directly down in the 42 km (23 miles) fjord below.

Preikestolen (do and see)

Preikestolen - The Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock, perhaps Norway's wildest and most famous rock formation. Step out on the ledge that drops 604 metres (1982 feet) vertically into the Lysefjorden.

Canning Museum (do and see)

The Canning Museum

Witness the chain of production from raw fish to cans at the Canning Museum, located in authentic factory environment. Historic photographs and thousands of label files document an important part of Stavanger's past.

Kjerag Boulder (do and see)

The Kjerag Boulder

The Kjerag Boulder is a 5 m3 stone wedged between two rock walls. Jump onto the boulder for a memorable picture. Think twice about looking down; the walls drop a 1000 meters on both sides!

Petroleum museum

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Visit the the Norwegian Petroleum Museum and learn more about oil and its significance for Norway as a country and Stavanger as a regional centre.

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