A couple of days spent at Røvær gives you memories for a lifetime!

Experience the vivrant and hospitable community of car-free Røvær. Housing approximately 100 inhabitants the island is almost self contained with its own school, kindergarten, shop, hotel, summer open café and hostel. Røvær has traditionally earned its living from farming, seafaring and fishing.

Watching the sun set in the sea from the island's highest point, Varden, is a wonderful experience, especially when the moist air gives off a unique shimmer. Summer is the most pleasant time to visit with temperatures reaching between 15 to 27 degrees celsius. During winter temperatures can drop as low as -5 degrees celsius.


Røvær hostel is situated in the harbour of Røvær, close to the sea. When staying, venture to the western part of the island for an unforgettable encounter with the moody North Sea.

Getting there

There are regular express boats between Røvær, Feøy and Haugesund with 6-7 daily departures. The trip between Røvær and Haugesund takes only 25 minutes.

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