The Kjerag Boulder

The picture says it all. Visiting Kjerag is a breathtaking experience of nature.

A good three hours walk from the Eagle's Nest in Lysebotn, a trek to the Kjerag Wall involves scaling a fair share of hills. The path is quite steep in places, but the walk is well worth the effort. Take your time and enjoy both the exercise and the views.

On your way you will pass the Kjerag Boulder, a 5 m³ stone wedged between two rock walls. It is possible to jump onto the boulder for a memorable picture. This is not for the fainthearted though, the walls drop about 1000 meters on both sides.

Continuing from the boulder you will find Kjerag's famous northern wall, a clean 984 meters (3228 feet) drop to the water. It is Norway’s most popular spot for BASE jumping. There are also several demanding rock climbing routes on the wall.

Getting there

The most scenic way of getting to the Kjerag boulder is the two hour boat ride from Stavanger.

Check with HI hostels in the area for updated information on transport.

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