Things to do and see in Hellesylt

Set amid impressive mountains and a beautiful fjord, UNESCO World Heritage listed Hellesylt is a must-see during your visit to Norway. Beautifully restored old farmhouses are scattered around the hills and mountains, many with quite daring and challenging locations. Hike up for extraordinary views or break a sweat climbing, rafting or kayaking. Hellesylt is a rewarding place to visit and offers an excellent stopover en route to the Geiranger fjord.

Geirangerfjorden (do and see)


Geiranger is famous first and foremost for its fjord, the Geiranger Fjord, by many considered the most beautiful in the world. The landscape with its traces of original settlements is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list of preserved areas.

Storfjorden (do and see)

The Storfjorden

The Storfjorden is the fifth largest fjord in Norway stretching for 110 beautiful kilometres before splitting into the famous Geiranger fjord.

Kjellstaddalen Valley (do and see)

The Kjellstaddalen Valley

Wonderful trekking or cycling in this lush valley with the natural phenomena the “Troll’s Pot”.

Norangsdal Valley (do and see)

The Norangsdal Valley

Take a ride through the wildest and narrowest valley in Norway and stop for a view of the old houses and settlements under the lake in its midst.

Peer Gynt Gallery (do and see)

The Peer Gynt Gallery

See the life work of artist Oddvin Parr, a unique collection of wood carvings illustrating the legend of "Peer Gynt", made famous by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

Skageflå Farm (do and see)

The Skageflå Farm

The extraordinary Skageflå hill farm is set on a ledge 250 meters above the Geiranger Fjord.

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