Things to do and see in Førde

Førde offers a balanced mix of nature and culture. The mountainous landscape surrounding the town is home to numerous rivers, streams, lakes and waterfalls. Set in these beautiful surroundings is the annual Førde Folk Music Festival presenting more than 250 artists from all over the world. This makes Førde the natural place for a genuine taste of traditional Norwegian folk music and dance. There are also plenty opportunities for angling, rafting and kayaking.

Førde Open Air Museum (do and see)

The Førde Open Air Museum

25 intact old buildings give an impression of traditional Norwegian village life 200 years ago.

Førde Kultursenter (do and see)

The Førde Centre for Culture

A 17.000 square meters building housing among other things a theatre, a cinema, different sports and activity rooms and a top modern swimming pool with a heated children's pool.

Førde International Music Festival (do and see)

The Førde International Folk Music Festival

Take part in the yearly celebration of folk music, both Norwegian and international. During July, the Førde International Folk Music Festival presents more than 300 artists from all over the world.

Norwegian Glacier Museum (do and see)

The Norwegian Glacier Museum

Find answers to questions such as "Why are the glaciers blue?", "Why are the fjords green?" and much more at this highly interactive award winning museum.

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