Things to do and see in Ålesund

Walk around the beautiful centre of Ålesund with its unique concentration of early 20th century Jugend-style buildings. Sample local seafood and take in the views of the fjord and surrounding mountains. Ålesund has a lot to offer when it comes to culture, nature and adventure.

Aksla (do and see)


Climb up Mount Aksla in the centre of Ålesund for a panoramic view of the archipelago, the surrounding mountains and the city centre.

Art Nouveau Centre (do and see)

The Art Nouveau Centre

Visit the newly established Art Nouveau Centre and learn more about the antics of Ålesund's charismatic apparal.

Art Nouveau Town (do and see)

The Art Nouveau Town

After the Great Fire in 1904, Ålesund was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau or Jugend style of architecture. Walk around the centre of town and marvel at the beautiful and playfull buildings.

Atlantic Sea Park (do and see)

The Atlantic Sea Park

The Atlantic Sea Park is an extensive theme park housing among other things the largest saltwater aquarium in Northern Europe.

Runde (do and see)


Runde is an island off the coast of Ålesund. It's famous for it's enormous, dense population of seabirds. The island can be explored on foot or by guided boat trips.

Molde (do and see)


The beautiful town of Molde is a major tourist destination in the county of Møre og Romsdal. It is known as the “Town of Roses” and is a great spot for sports fishing, rock climbing, bouldering and BASE jumping.

Åndalsnes (do and see)


The township of Åndalsnes, with its 3000 inhabitants, lies at the end of the 88 km long Romsdal Fjord. Flowing down from the mountains towards the centre is the river Rauma, famous for its wild salmon.

Romsdal Alps (do and see)

The Romsdal Alps

The Romsdal Alps entail some of the most monumental, beautiful and dramatic landscape in Norway. The highest peak, the Store Venjetind, is 1.852 m above sea level. The Alps are very popular with trekkers, both locals and visitors.

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