Destination Hellesylt

The tiny settlement of Hellesylt is visited by more than 100 cruise ships and 200.000 tourists every year.

Top 5 reasons to visit

Gateway to the Geiranger Fjord

The "Peer Gynt" Gallery

The original mountain farm Skageflå

The Norangsdal Valley

The Kjellstaddalen Valley

When visiting set aside time for activities in the centre as well as in the picturesque surroundings. Change into a swimming suit in the now conserved bathing house of 1937 and take a refreshing dip in the fjord. Walk out on the bridge over the Hellesylt waterfall running through the centre of town. The white water is especially ferocious in early summer when melted snow flows down from the mountain range. In the old shopping street you will find buildings that are still intact and tell tales of forlorn days.

UNESCO listed

Hellesylt is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a prime example of the wild and beautiful mix of fjords, rivers and mountains inhabited and cultivated by people making the most out of meagre and difficult conditions.

Old farms in dangerous landscapes

For most of us it is impressive and almost unbelievable how people in days long gone managed to make use of the dangerous and challenging landscape of the fjords. Be sure to climb up the steep valleys and mountains to visit one or more of the uninhabited but restored original mountain farms. Blomberg, Skageflå and the three different complexes at Åkernes are all equally impressive with their stunning views and creative, yet daring, use of the land available. Some of these farms had people living there as late as 1961. Another example of impressive and historical engineering is the old post road linking Bergen and Trondheim. From Hellesylt follow the road up 22 steep curves and catch a  view of the famous Geiranger Fjord on the other side of the mountain. Arrange for one of the boat owners in Hellesylt to pick you up for a return on the water. Ask at your hostel for more information on this.

Nature and activities

There are numerous places to visit in the varied and astonishing landscape around Hellesylt. A walk up to the Svarthammeren rewards you with stunning views of the fjord and mountains all the way to the entrance of the neighbouring Geiranger Fjord. You can either take the short walk, which takes around 30 minutes, or the long walk through mystic pine forests, all the time with a view to the underlying fjord and surrounding mountains. The Kjellstaddalen Valley is also a popular destination for both trekkers and bicycle riders. After studying the natural wonder the “Troll’s Pot” in the stream, do as many and venture even further up the valley for a rewarding trip. The Moldskreddalen Valley is another great site for exploration either on foot or bicycle wheels. Follow the old winding road on ancient stone bridges over fresh mountain streams through steep hillsides grazed by goats.

Rock climbing is a popular pastime in Hellesylt, as well as angling and hunting. Fishing licences for both salmon and trout are available many places, and through agencies you can sign up for deer hunting.


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