Destination Førde

The region around Førde is home to magnificient fjords and a dramatic landscape, formed by powerful watercourses and tall waterfalls. This has shaped not only the landscape but also the local settlements.

Top 5 reasons to visit

The Førde International Folk Music Festival

The Sunnfjord open air museum

The Førde Cultural Centre

Great hiking and fishing opportunities

The Norwegian Glacier Museum

Explore and experience the diversity of this region from the charming little village between the mountains and the fjord to the larger town of Førde with all the shops and amenities of a big city. Join organised activities in the countryside and mountains or indulge in history and culture at Sogn & Fjordane Art Museum. Distances between major attractions are short, making day trips to the glaciers, fjords and islands easy.


Hiking in Førde and Sunnfjord offers marvellous views over the mountains, fjords and glaciers of the area. There are numerous beautiful walks to choose from for all levels of stamina and adventure. The Hafstadfjellet Mountain near central Førde is easily accessible and a popular trekking destination. The one and a half hour ascent to the summit 706 metres above sea level rewards the climber with immaculate views over the town, the fjord and the surrounding mountains.


Within a short radius from Førde there are more than 100 lakes and 10 rivers, all with large populations of fish. The Haukedal and Jølstra Lakes are among the best trout lakes in Norway, attracting amateur anglers in the thousands every year. Especially sought for is the silver coloured trout. There is also wild salmon in the Nausta, Gaula and Jølstra rivers, some of the most popular angling spots in Norway.

Active Holiday

Sunnfjord as a holiday destination offers a wide range of attractions and activities. Adrenalin addicts can get their kicks in the mountains and rivers while peace seekers can enjoy the tranquillity of a mountain lake. River rafting and river boarding create thrills in young and old, and golfers can swing their clubs at the nearby 9-hole golf course.

The Førde Folk Music Festival

A staple in the area since it started out in 1990, the Førde Folk Music Festival is the largest multicultural music arrangement in Norway.  Its stated mission is to present ethnic music from all over the world and, needless to say, Norwegian folk music makes up a significant part of the programme. In the span of two weeks you can experience performances from more than 300 artists from all over the world. This is a week filled with energizing songs and captivating rhythms. In addition to the numerous concerts that take place both indoors and outdoors, the festival offers workshops, exhibitions and activities for children. The Førde Folk Music Festival takes place in the first half of July every year.


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