Green Fjord Experience

Combine great scenery with great prices: Catch the bus through the beautiful scenery of Norway's west coast. Stay at one of the many hostels close to exciting attractions.

Top 5 reasons to visit

World class fjords and attractions

Several World Heritage/UNESCO sites

Environmentally friendly

Low cost accomodation and transport

Off the beaten track opportunities

The west coast of Norway is legendary for its fjords and beautiful scenery. But getting around in Fjord-Norway can be quite difficult - and expensive. That is why we have come up with Green Fjord Experience. The recipe is simple, combining the following ingredients:

  • Frequent buses along the west coast of Fjord Norway
  • Low cost and well-placed HI-hostels
  • The most breathtaking and inspiring nature Norway has to offer.

The result is a flexible, environmentally friendly tour that is both memorable and easy on the wallet.


Green Fjord Experience offers a flexible way to see the Fjords of Norway. Combining bus trips and hostelling enables you to do things at your own pace. Stay as long as you like at any destination. When you feel like moving on, catch one of the buses further up or down the coast.

Environmentally friendly

We believe the beautiful fjords on the west coast of Norway are best preserved with green transportation. So why not enjoy the comfort of modern buses, while keeping your carbon foot print small and your consciousness clean?

The Destinations

The tour takes you all the way from Stavanger through Bergen to Ålesund. The blue line on the map indicates the main bus routes along the coast. Spread throughout the route you will find many hostels situated close to the best attractions Norway has to offer, including "off the beaten track" opportunities for real explorers!


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